Here,we help to learn about self & its improvement in life in terms of personal growth-mental illness,physical illness,emotional deformities,sexual harrassments,trauma,abusement,  hallucination,domestic violence & other issues with physical & mental health. 

We do distant healing treatment for these issues & more. We are here to turn your life into a blessed one . A woman is never meant to be weak but whatever now is making you weak from inside -we know why & how about it ,so here any illness is cured by our respective advanced method -MAHA SHIVASTHITAA DISTANT HEALING SERVICE.

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Psychological issues like insomnia, bipolar disorder, alzheimer, depression, anxiety, frustration, stress, anger, ego, hallucination, distraction grief, sorrow, trauma, low self esteem etc

Psysiological issues like breast pain, gynea issues, respiratory problems, thyroid diseases, diabetes, PCOD, COPD, IBS, IBD, IBS – D, IBS – C, problems related to eyes, liver, kidney, heart, pancreas, spleen, lungs, glands, arthritis, asthama, emphysema, miscarraige, pelvic floor disorder, uterine disorder, vulvodynia (pain in vulva), urinary incontinents, vaginitis, menstrual irregularities, virtigo, skin related issues, blood related issues, tooth pain, pain in any part of the body, endometritis etc