MS Vastu Healing Service

Vastu – One of the important and interesting is the role of vastu in human life. There are many ways of energy – works in human dimentions. On the belief of ancient rituals in vastu shastra people do perform there respective process. In our unique service of MS Vastu healing, we work on over 16 zones of energies respectively. We do MS vastu healing for balancing the energy field. Accroding to mythologies, every energy fields has its own respective roles. Growth, success, relationship, finance, etc. Every perspective is connected with vastu – where the person is living – life changes according to the energy field of Bhavan.

How Vastu Dosh Effect?

As previously mentioned every energy field has its own respective roles. “Dosh” creates uncertainity, the uneven process of negativity. As good exist evil also exist. Believing in goodness means following the right and accurate energy in bhavan. It works accordingly in the evil side too. Therefore, in a piece of land or soil – there are tatva that denotes “Shudh or Ashudh” – what is not shudh we call it impure or ashudh that recall bad or negative energies. Negative energies always make you feel down or low or blocked.

Negative energies creates mishaps, problems and obstacles in life. A person is successful and blessed from health and finance, it means that bhavan’s energies (negative and positive energies) are well balanced. When there is problem related to anything in life it means the zone of that bhavan or house or flat or office etc energies are imbalanced.

When the alignment of the proper energies are on the right place with its all respective resources, life will be balanced but on the other side if the alignment is not in the right place everything will be messed, life will be messed.

” Your Vastu Condition Is Your Condition”

How to understand if your place has vastu Dosh?

  1. When problems starts in your life after moving to a new place or house.
  2. Sudden changes of some energies could be cause of problems and obstacles in life.
  3. Every zone has its own energy field. Imbalancing of elements, colors, energies etc are responsible for ill health and poor condition of any other sphere of life.
  4. Sudden relationship issues, miscarriages, career issues, blockages in finance, health issues etc are partially responsible for vastu dosh.
  5. Savings, success, growth, fame, failures, goodwill in society etc every thing is connected with vastu – where problems arise in life, it means you need to check the vastu dosh properly.

Process of MS Vastu Healing Service

Read thorougly to get proper informantio about it. Please contant our mangement at +91-7044731358 for payment clearance. Being Unique this service is well designed for all who are suffering from vastu dosh. All our services are distant. Please maintain few things as exactly said under below

  1. Contacting in person – a time for scanning of your place will be scheduled. Scanning of soil above and under will be scheduled
  2. Taking perfect degree – we will instruct the method of it and will inform the rest required stuff.
  3. After the above process, we will start the alignment of energies. The whole process might take a time period of 15 days

Note:- For severe health issues, vastu works partially. As there are the role of negative beings or the invisible negative bodies for that please make an special appointment to our management to attend service further. The service will be in our own guidance of mastery………