Who are we?
We are not just a body but Soul, a ‘’life force’’ or’’ pran energy’’.
Without this ‘’life force’’ one cannot be alive. This’’ life force ‘’is a
‘’continues flame’’ or a’’ point of light’’. To generate or to function,
our physical body grants food same for our energy body to
meditate. Our energies bodies’ right food is spiritual energies,
which one can only get through’’ Rajyog Meditation’’.
While meditating we detoxifies our negative energies which are
there deep rooted in our chakras and receive powerful positive
energies which activate our inner strength, stability and
consciousness into different level. That is why we often feel sleepy
because our body get healed .

There are more than 600 types of meditation but the most powerful
meditation on earth is ‘’Rajyog Meditation’’, where we are directly
connecting ourselves with THE ALMIGHTY –The
SupremeSoul, who has supreme power of all kind of
powerful positive energies. Our energy bodies will be filled with
his Higher vibrations and positive energies and we will be the
master of all goodness and strong from inside immensely.
Often we know that the inner power of saints or many truly devoted
spiritual leader across the world are unshakable why ?because of

In our daily life we do many things to improve what we are today.
Our today should be better than our yesterday, right? So people
are growing but by adding meditation in their routine they are
activating the star power of their life. God is the supreme force of
all life being. the more we are spiritually strong the we are the
master of our destiny. To activate inner power, inner peace and to
eradicate negativity from life for good we must inclined our-self
into spirituality. Spirituality gives you the power of stability in any
situation in life. And many of us w love to be in the state of
meditate –to be connected with the almighty all the time -inspire
people,inspire generation to come.

We do have receptive course on Meditation

MS Meditation Course

1) Self Introduction

2) Meaning of meditation

3) How it is different from concentration

4) Why it is important to do meditation

5) Age for doing meditation

6) Who is Supreme Soul?

7) How meditation can heal mind?

8) How meditation can keep you healthy physically?

9) The process of ancient meditation

10) The difference between opening eyes and closing eyes meditation

11) When to do meditation

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