Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q. What is Healing?
A. Healing means ‘to cure’, healing is the no drug process where the energy
body is being cured as the result we find in physical body. Healing is a
method of treatment where energy is the prime molecule. A healer [one who
heals] balance the misbalanced energy and make it perfect to live strong.
Healing can be of various type for instance

1.Healing of physical body ailments
Healing related with every physical body.

2.Healing of Mental body ailments

3.Healing of Emotional body ailments

4.Healing of Astral body ailments

5.Healing of Past life

6.Healing of Future (Event, Exam, Meeting, Marriage etc)

7.Healing of Situation issues

8.Healing of Place

9.Healing of Business

10.Healing of Home

Q. what is distant energy healing ?
A. healing that is being done distantly is called distant healing. distant
energy healing is a process where we do healing with energy, can be done
beyond time and distant.
Q. How distant healing works?
A. Distant healing works with the energy in the energy world which is a
counter part of physical world. Since these both world are interconnected, by
working in energy world we can get effect on physical world. Since distance
doesn’t matter in this world, we can easily and directly work on problems
which lie in the counter part of energy world and can get the desired results
or outcomes. (Physical body and different energy bodies are interconnected.
physiological, mental, psychological, situational etc problems occur in the
Energy world at first then after a certain period of time it manifest in the
corporeal world. Hence by working directly on energy we root out the
negative energies or disease or problems.)
In distant healing, we work on different energy bodies like – etheric,
emotional or astral, mental and spiritual.
Q. Without medicine how one can get healed? How it is possible?
A. Medicine is a Drug Therapy and Healing is an Energy Therapy which
doesn’t have side effect at all since we work only with positive energies.
Q. What type of problems can be healed?
A. By Shivathitaa Energy Healing we heal
Physiological ailments – alzheimer, leukaemia, menopause, vaginal cancer,
menstrual issues, cardiovascular disease, COPD, asthma, thyroid, respiratory
aliments, body ache, headache, vomit, constipation, diarrhoea, polycystic
ovary syndrome, Gynecologic Cancer, pneumonia, cardiovascular disease, urinary
infection, diabities, etc
Psychological ailments – stress, anxiety, anger, jealousy, insomnia, schizophrenia,
bipolar disorder, depression, intense sexual urge, miscarraige etc.
Skin, bone, hair
Q. Is this reiki?
A. No, this is not reiki healing. This is energy healing which has great impact.
Q. When should one take healing?
A. Anytime, however one should be in proper rest or sleeping would be even better
while healing is conducting. Meditation during healing also advisable
Q. Who can take healing?
A. Any age is eligible to take healing
Q. When can I feel the healing effect?
A. On the very first week, it could be the first day of healing also depends on situation
and condition.
Q. What should be the mode of Payment?
A. Online payment is available.