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With the grace of ALMIGHTY , MahaRudhra started her spiritual growth at an early age. She feels blessed for ‘respected parents & ancestors’. MahaRudra has been developing her skills with “AADIMAHADEVESHWARAJ”- the magnificient phenomena of “THE ENERGY WORLD or THE MYSTERIOUS MAGICAL WORLD”. 

 According to her precious acknowledgement – ” DISCOVERING KNOWLEDGE OF SELF reveals every theory of secret. MIND IS THE MOST POWERFUL YET DELICATE WHAT ALL WE HAVE”. Her Subject of interest is MIND – What is MIND & How does it work ,how energy works in physical world – Earth & beyond . 

People do a lot ,suffer a lot,still tryng to make a better life ,where otherside , a woman watch out ‘woh -man’-words are powerful ,its reflecting exactly the existing meaning of this word. Lack of many unlisted things & situation our feminine culture speaks a lot about being inside boundaries for many reasons,women deserve to live a healthy & blessed life. Life should not be caged by religion,ritual or personal boundaries. Women live with a lot of responsibilities,they do take care because women carry nourishing energies. A creation is to be taken care of which is very responsible work. In between ‘ she forgets or doesnt have time for herself ‘. Here we teach how to do self healing for improving self emotional health.

This is the time to open up & fight with negativity or weakness what is holding down mind, the secrets of mind is opening here in II MAHA SHIVASTHITAA II by MahaRudraDevi itself,so open up all matters on mind because if the mind is healthy & strong,no other negative thing rule on it,no other negative energy can stop mind to shine bright but for that the exact process should be known,the awareness of negativity is strongly needed in todays world .

Without using any medicine ,health is better with its own biological & systematic process.


Seeing suffered life she determined to demolish all kinds of negativity from womens’ life. Passion came from pain is worthy anyway.Now this is a global organization for women of the world for their betterment and empowerment in terms of health and safety.


Here,we help to learn about self & its improvement in life in terms of personal growth-mental illness,physical illness,emotional deformities,sexual harrassments ,trauma,abusement,hallucination,domestic violence & other issues with physical & mental health. We do distant healing treatment for these issues & more. We are here to turn your life into a blessed one . A woman is never meant to be weak but whatever now is making you weak from inside -we know why & how about it ,so here any illness is cured by our respective advanced method -MAHA SHIVASTHITAA DISTANT HEALING SERVICE.

Love has one shade of pure and strong. Strength comes with believe, self belief and believing the inner power knowing the powers within. MAHA SHIVASTHITAA is the exact destination for all who want to live a blessed and peaceful life. Our goal is to demolish all kinds of negativity which is holding you down. Here it is possible to unfold the mysteries of good health and good fortune by our respective knowledge and services.