Maha Rudhra Maharshi


Energy Doctor – Healer, Author,  Energy Instructor, Spiritual Speaker, Meditation Guide, Psychic Medium,
CEO & Founder of   ‘MAHA SHIVASTHITAA‘  ‘SAVE LIFE TOGETHER’ non-profit organization 
In II MAHA SHIVASTHITAA II -Organization which is made up for women of the world ,a complete divine & pure world for women where “SHE” lives being a Queen with all her worth & respect -the world where a Queen becomes Goddess with its utmost inner powers & compassion,of a passionate heart,whose blessings will help others to generate the eternal bliss.
Being Clairvoyant, MahaRudraDevi explores many experiences regarding various kind of ‘Energy Beings’ from different dimentional sphere & other existing energy globes. Understanding the prime molecule- Energy is so exciting & eternal exchanging that it becomes her priority of living. Its been the most adventurous in spiritual front of life where she researches ,experiments & discovers the way of healthy & blessed life for everyone . MahaRudra chose her way into spirituality & determined to demolish all kind of negativity from peoples’ life { specially women } through – the  knowledge of Energy, Mind Mechanism, Distant Divine Healing Service, God Meditation & Soul Meditation ,Self Empowerment Technique, Chakra Mechanism & Online Courses. Apart from our other services people come for “MS Energy Scanning program”-
  • Imbalancing features of energy bodies
  • Imbalancing Center of Chakras
  • Condition of the mind frequency
  • All Energy bodies health
  • Chakra health
  • Residential health (house /flat )
  • Office/ Land/ Lot & Plots Health
  • Relationship health
  • Career health
  • Education health
  • Future health
  • Business health
  • Vastu health
  • Tattva health ( 5 elements test in physical & energy bodies)
  • Disease health

We Provide Our All Services Online


How May I Help You?

Enriched with abundant and prosperous wisdom,our theory of courses value your inner self,emotions & life.Thus, EMPOWERMENT all the way is here right in front of you.


1) What is energy?

2) How energy looks like?

3) Characteristics of Energies

4) About Magical World and Physical World

5) Types of Energies


1) What is scanning and how to do it?

2) What can be scanned?

3)Scanning Negativity

4) Life style of a magnificient healer

5) Do and Donts for a healer


1) Introduction of The Most Powerfull Meditation

2) Meaning of meditation

3) How it is different from concentration

4) Why it is important to do meditation

5) Age for doing meditation

The Mysterious Magical World

Abundance Knowledge of health, power, prosperity is right in front of you. We designed our every creation to give the proper knowledge of  “The Magical World” with various highlighted  subjects like – Mind Mechanism, Energy Mechanism. The Mistry of Colour, Empowering Healing, Incarnation , Dimention, 5 elements , Meditation , Relaxation , Clairvoyance, Blessing , Dark Energies, Food , Sound , Chakra Mechanism , Karma, Excrcises for improvement etc.